Why Outside General Counsel

Although WGC offers its services to public companies with a substantially more economic and hassle-free alternative to the hiring of a full-time General Counsel, the majority of WGC clients are pre-public.

Formative-Stage Companies Need an Outside General Counsel

Usually formative-stage companies are in need of WGC services even more than public companies, who are able to tap deeper reservoirs of financial resources to keep their legal business in good order. Earlier-stage companies need us the most, and can afford our level of quality and service in the marketplace the least. Certainly, formative-stage businesses can almost never afford the cost of a full-time General Counsel employee; unless they engage WGC.

We are More Than Just Lawyers

All new businesses are naturally resource light and Founders/Entrepreneurs are inclined to utilize self-help in setting up their organizational structure. Founders often determine their own equity arrangements with their partners, employees and investors, they negotiate their own contractual relationships with vendors and customers, and they tend to utilize outside legal firms as little as possible because of the enormous expense involved. The Internet encourages this mentality. As with many options on the Internet, however, the cure can be worse than the disease.

WGC assists formative-stage companies with all aspects of their businesses, and serves to bring further credibility to the Founder/Entrepreneurs as their business ideas are presented to all constituents ranging from: employees to prospective investors; bankers to governmental regulatory agencies; and Board Members to vendors/customers. In every formative-stage client-situation, WGC has managed to arrange an economical, fair, forecastable and efficient compensation model to represent its client in a full-service scenario that would otherwise be impossible for them to obtain in the legal marketplace.

Put WGC on Your Team for Long-Term Growth

Avoiding the common (and unusually uncommon) pitfalls formative-stage businesses are likely to encounter, builds for the WGC client a solid foundation that will stand the test of time and assault. The WGC attorney often becomes the closest advisor to the Founder/Entrepreneur; the person s/he can call at three in the morning; who picks up the phone when it rings. Every time.