VSBLTY Hires Wyckoff General Counsels as General Counsel

New York law firm will provide a full range of services to growing SaaS data-capture and digital-glass technology company                                                                                       

NEW YORK — VSBLTY, a groundbreaking SaaS data-capture and digital-glass technology company focusing on the retail and security verticals, has hired Wyckoff General Counsels (WFG) as its outside general counsel.

“We are delighted to work with the VSBLTY companies as their outside general counsel,” said Thomas C. Wyckoff, who serves as managing partner of WGC. “This is a company that continues to grow at a rapid pace, offering groundbreaking technology which is transforming the international retail and security industries as we know them. Our mission is to provide strategically relevant legal guidance to the leaders of this outstanding enterprise of companies as they continue to capitalize on growth opportunities both organically and through the support of stakeholders and partners, while mitigating risk and preparing for future successful expansion in the capital and commercial marketplaces. We’ve more informally worked with the VSBLTY team for more than 6 months and now it’s a pleasure to have solidified that relationship with a longer-term General Counsel relationship.”

Tom Wyckoff, who is personally responsible for the VSBLTY relationship, has more than 25 years of experience assisting businesses of all sizes and across a wide range of industries.  Mr. Wyckoff will provide a variety of legal advisory services to VSBLTY as it continues its growth and expansion. Founded in 2015, VSBLTY creates displays that allow consumers to interact with brands, manipulate content and immerse themselves in a more active shopping experience based on intuitive touchscreen technology.

Through its proactive digital signage, VSBLTY offers demographic-specific content that enables brands to target individuals based on their age, race, gender, location, and daypart. Brands can also connect with consumers through instant digital coupons and special offers delivered directly to their mobile devices. The technology also provides real-time data on the point of purchase, traffic, engagement, interaction and various other analytics.

About Wyckoff General Counsels

WGC has served businesses and organizations since 2001, with its clients ranging in size from small startups to large corporations with more than $100 million in annual sales. The New York-based law firm focuses on advising the Boards of Directors and senior executives of early- to mid-stage pre-IPO businesses as they prepare their businesses for future exit strategies while maintaining affordable, fixed fees.

As outside general counsel, WGC offers a variety of services, such as ensuring that its clients, their Boards of Directors and officers are taking legally sound strategic actions. WGC also serves as the face of an organization when it comes to negotiating transactions with suppliers, vendors, customers, accounting firms, media outlets, and governmental agencies. WGC’s goal is to deliver sound guidance related to all contractual matters, employee incentive plan management, investor communications, board meetings, and dispute resolution when necessary.

For more information on WGC and the outside general counsel services they offer, visit http://www.wyckoffgc.com.