New York outside general counsel

An outside general counsel is an attorney who is not an employee but who has the experience and knowledge necessary to handle a broad array of legal and business problems whenever needed, without the expenditure of having a full-time lawyer on staff. Outside general counsel can either be on retainer, but often is simply available on an as-needed basis, and usually becomes quite familiar with the business, its management, and its actions.

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Hire a full time attorney as an in-house counsel. This is obviously the best option for a company. Having a dedicated company attorney that understands the business of your company is an invaluable.Have a law firm on retainer. In New York City, a law firm partner’s hourly rate at some of the well-known firms can be really high per hour. You can go with some of the smaller, less known, law firms; the hourly rates don’t go down by that much – some of which are on par with the rates of the big firms.

Small and midsize companies often outsource critical aspects of the company’s operations in order to cover all of the business’ legal needs within a limited budget. Our outside general counsel service can help your company access top notch legal services at an affordable price.

Our attorneys have many decades of experience across the range of corporate transactions, restructuring initiatives and disputes that may require commercial litigation

We take pride in being a part of our clients’ growth and wealth. If you have been looking for affordable outside general counsel for your business. We can always help you. Contact us today to discuss your immediate legal needs, and we will show you how we can help your company grow into the future.