The General Counsel

A General Counsel is the coordinator of a company’s legal activities as they relate to its business. At WGC we recognize that the cause of any legal difficulty is founded in a business decision, and that any legal matter also requires a business choice. Our objective as general counsel, is to properly advise company principals regarding certain of their business decisions so as to ensure those choices don’t later create legal difficulties.

The General Counsel’s responsibilities are several: (i) ensure that the Company, its Board of Directors, and its Officers are taking actions that are legally inviolate; (ii) act as a Senior Executive managing legal solutions requiring interactions among the Financial Department, Human Resources, Operations, Sales and Marketing, Strategic Planning and the Board of Directors; (iii) serve as the face of the company to outside constituents such as vendors, suppliers, customers, outside legal and accounting firms, media outlets and governmental agencies; and (iv) provide full accountability for the negotiation and execution of all contractual matters, organization of Board meetings and related activities, investor communications, employee-incentive plan management, and dispute resolution/prosecution when necessary. This is a large undertaking with serious responsibility. In exchange for this work a typical General Counsel is highly-compensated with salary, equity and related benefits.

What Sets Our General Counsel Services Apart

Companies choose to retain a General Counsel as a full-time employee for the simple reason that the position requires round-the-clock availability, unmitigated knowledge and understanding of every inter-related aspect of the Company’s legacy and anticipatory business, and absolute loyalty, discretion and commitment. Until the arrival of WGC, none of this has ever been available in the marketplace from an outside law firm at any price, much less for an amount resembling a General Counsel’s salary.

Your Full-Time Partner at a Fixed Cost

WGC seamlessly provides each and every one of these services as if the Wyckoff General Counsel attorney assigned to the client were a full-time employee of the Company – at less than half the cost. WGC clients experience none of the latency of outside counsel, a fraction of the expense, and 100% of the benefit and value of a full-time General Counsel. Similar to a full-time General Counsel: the expense of WGC is a fixed cost to the business, with no ticking clock counting off the billable hours at more than one thousand per; the commitment and availability of WGC is 24 hours, 7 days a week, and with guaranteed response time of 2 hours.