Outside General Counsel for Formative-stage Companies

Wyckoff General Counsels™ – sometimes referred to as WGC – after having refined its business model throughout its various earlier stages since 2001, is headquartered on the 85th floor of the Freedom Tower in New York. WGC’s Founder and Managing Partner, Thomas C. Wyckoff, Esq., is a 25-year corporate lawyer and business executive trained in the 1990’s at a highly-regarded downtown NY law firm. From there he transitioned to General Counsel of a public-company client of the firm. Since then, Mr. Wyckoff has been a Senior Executive and the General Counsel of several formative-stage companies in a variety of industries from startup to mature in life-cycle.

Premier New York City full-service law firm for formative-stage companies. . .

WGC’s outside general counsel services help formative-stage companies (which range in life cycle from startup- to IPO-stage) continue to grow in a sustainable way toward exit, while mitigating structural risk and ensuring smooth transitions as their constituencies expand.

As outside general counsel, WGC offers a variety of services that focus on ensuring that its clients, their boards of directors and their officers are taking legally sound actions. WGC often serves as the face of an organization as it negotiates transactions with partners, vendors, customers, accounting firms, media outlets, other law firms and governmental agencies. Our goal is to deliver sound guidance related to all contractual matters, employee incentive plan management, investor communications, board meetings, and dispute resolution when necessary. We also advise our clients in circumstances where solutions to substantive matters of government relations, public affairs and legislative issues are material to their businesses.

. . . availability is 24/7 at a flat fee.

Mr. Wyckoff’s unique exposure – as both a legal-service provider and as a client – to the disturbing contrasts between: the smart lawyer and the doltish; the attentive-service provider and the slothful; the cost-effective attorney-work manager and the profligate; and the sophisticated-business General Counsel vs. the gullible pretender; finally made him say: “Enough. WGC will give the business client what s/he needs: highly-trained New York, big-firm lawyers who are business sophisticates purposely priced at suburban, flat-fee rates accompanied with 24/7/2 service (that’s 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, with response time – always – of 2 hours). Guaranteed.”